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The best time to trim Your Palm Trees

Jul 3


Florida's palm trees have been enjoying their beauty for many thousands of years. We've been blessed with ample time to research the best methods to care for these trees. Trimming is just one of the methods! Trimming is the process of getting rid of brown or dying fronds in order to improve the appearance and encourage healthy growth. Though many property owners believe that trimming is possible every year, it's not the case.

To ensure that your palm tree is in good condition it is best to reduce the palm tree's branches in spring. The same is true for trimming your palm tree in the winter season. it is recommended to not cut in winter, to ensure that the fronds help protect your tree from cold weather. Continue reading to find out the reasons why it's important to cut your palm trees at the appropriate time of the year.


To maintain the good health of your tree cut your palms in the spring time

A lot of people think that they must trim their palm fronds as soon as they being to turn brown or start drying up. But, this can be a major error. To keep your palm in top condition, it is extremely important to trim it before it starts to flower during the spring time. This ensures that your palm tree will recover without difficulty from trimming and continue to grow healthy, fresh fronds.


If your palms have started to bloom then you must not wait until the spring season to trim your browning fronds. Brown fronds can be appealing to homeowners. But, they can help prevent any stress to your palms due to the Florida heat.


Are you having trouble finding the spring window to trim? No problem! Let the old fronds stay in your palm tree through the summer, to give you extra protection from summer heat. Call for more help to the local tree company in georgetown ky


As winter approaches and the development of your palm's fronds could reduce significantly, if they are not stopped completely. The palm will not be able to recuperate the same speed if the fronds are cut. The browning of fronds aren't pleasant to look at, however, it is much more beneficial to your palm to keep these fronds in good condition throughout the winter season. The fronds protect your palm from the heat of summer and are also able to shield you from the cold temperatures. Without them, your palm may be exposed to unnecessary stress that could result in the risk of having to take care of damage control in order to bring it back to health.


Call us now to schedule an appointment for trimming your palm tree!

Georgetown Tree Service is available to offer additional support and assistance for property owners. We understand how tempting it can be to trim those brown or dried-up fronds, to make your palm trees appear their best. Pruning too quickly can do more damage than the good. By following these trimming guidelines, you'll be well on your way to maintaining a healthy and attractive palm tree.


We are the local tree removal specialists close to you. Since 1989, we've been assisting your friends and neighbors. We can trim palms and other trees, as well as help with cleanup after storms.


If your home or business is located nearby Contact our team call for tree removal in Georgetown ky to sign up for any of our services. Our specialists will take charge of your trees, and do their best to maintain the condition of your trees.


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