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Details Discussion Prior to Handling Leaky Chimneys

Jun 28


Roof leaks can happen anyplace in your home's roof. However, most roof leaks occur around chimneys as well as skylights.

The problem of a leaky chimney can become costly and may include drywall warpingand ceiling stains or insulation saturation, growing mold, and home damage.


Don't make the mistake of overlooking small leaks and causing major harm, should you find your chimney leaking during inclement weather.

Chimneys' susceptibility to Leaking

How do chimney leaks develop in the in the first place?


Five Reasons Chimney Leaks Are common:

  • The chimney cap is damaged or missing.

  • Cracked chimney crown

  • Problems with flashing

  • Leaky bricks

  • A defective chimney liner

The reason for this is that chimneys may create crevices and cracks with time, allowing water to get inside. Roof flashing is a metal strip that is put between the chimney's roof and the chimney. It can also come off due to high winds or other severe weather conditions.


A poor chimney flashing installation can also cause roof deterioration. An incorrect chimney flashing installation could result in chimney leaks. Instead of keeping snow and rain out of the roof seams, poor flashing allows moisture into the roof's structure. Water seepage can cause mold, mildew and premature degeneration of the roof.

Handling Leaky Chimneys: Checking and Repair Tips

What can you do to make sure that your roof is in good shape? Begin by hiring a Phoenix to inspect your building and then make repairs quickly.


Once your roofing contractor arrives, he will inspect your chimney any signs of damage:


  • Broken stone or bricks

  • Loose mortar joints

  • Cracks around the chimney foundation

  • Deteriorating flashing

An inspection thorough of your house will tell you whether there are any leaks. This includes the skylights, chimneys vents, and flashing. In this case, you should hire Advosy Roofing for professional support of  tile roof repair mesa az. If the material of the chimney isn't damaged or damaged, the issue could be caused by flashing damage. Flashing is the metal placed around the chimney base and covered with shingles to prevent water from entering the chimney. While some flashing is repaired using the correct tools but flashing which has been exposed to water or weather damage may require the removal of the shingles by a professional to allow for the installation of new flashing.

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