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Signs that will make you think about changing the roof on your home

Jun 3


Even when you've become comfortable with a warm, cozy and leak-free home and a solid roof above the head is essential. Shield Roofing is an experienced and reliable roofing service to get best outcomes.

This is how you can identify and resolve potential problems before they turn into major issues:


Your Roof Has Seen Better Days

The material you choose to use and the climate of your area, most roofing lasts between 20 and 25 years. If the roof is more than 20 years old, this is likely to be nearing the end of its useful life. Do not delay getting your roof examined.

The Shingles Have been damaged

Whenever it pertains to roofs with shingle shingles, be sure to check for curled or cracked shingles. This is a clear sign that it's time for a fresh roof from roof company in my area. Examine your gutters for shingles fragments as well. This indicates that your shingles are older than they should be.


Degraded Chimney Flashing

Over time, Cement and tar Flashing wears down with time. Make sure the flashing around the chimney is in great condition. Because it's waterproof, flashing made from metal is a better option.


Light is a Feature to be Observed

Check the roof boards in your attic. If sunlight is visible through the cracks, you have an issue that is serious. The cost of heating and cooling four families can endure each year due to air leaks from cracks and holes can be nearly three-quarters. You'll need to work with a local roofing expert in schertz TX to do significant roofing maintenance and repair , in order to reduce the cost of roof leaks.


Leaks In Your Roof

Roof leaks are typically the first sign of damage to the roof. If they are not dealt with quickly, small leaks can become serious issues. In general, homeowners invest around 4% of their homes' worth in maintenance and repairs annually, and these costs will increase with time. For even a $200,000 property which is minimum $2,000 per year in maintenance. In the next couple of years, the majority of this will have to go for roof maintenance or the installation.



The presence of mildew or mold could appear on ceilings and walls. This could be a sign of a leaky roof, or simply a problem with condensation or the plumbing. Make sure the insulation remains dry, the house is properly ventilated, and that the plumbing lines that connect to bathroom fixtures aren't in a leak before you proceed with your roofing project.


There are many types of growth which can happen on the roof.


This black and green fungus may eat away at your shingles, leading to the roof's condition to decrease as time passes. This is due to moisture accumulation on shakes and shingles, which causes spores to form and then grow into algae. Algae are often found in gutters due to the quantity of water that is there. Algae thrives in humid, humid conditions, which is why it is highly likely that it will flourish on roofs.



The contrast between moss and algae, which are considered to be harmless and natural flora in the appropriate conditions, mold is regarded as a distinct problem and could pose a risk to your health. Mold can be easily identified due to its unpleasant odor as well as its ugly appearance, including dark-green, brown and black patches. As with many types of growth, the growth of mold is caused by accumulation of moisture. Most mold thrives on porous surfaces like the drywall and wood that hold moisture.



Moss can be identified by its fuzzy consistency and its green hue. Many people believe it looks beautiful on the roof. Moss could be dangerous based on the way the homeowner lives and what their style of architecture is. As it expands, moss will add additional moisture to the wood of shakes and shingles.



It is an unproportional growth that forms on damp surfaces. The appearance of this mildew can be translucent and can range from light gray to black to pink. However, it can cause serious health issues when it is not treated for long periods. Mildew thrives in humid environments and is particularly fond on roofs that have inadequate drainage. Mildew spreads faster than other dangerous organisms.


These four growths all have a common feature which is that they thrive in moist conditions. The lack of drainage makes these plants more vulnerable in the moist zones.



Roof inspections must be performed at least once a year regardless of the weather conditions. Schertz roofing experts will check your roof and provide affordable, reliable and dependable roofing replacement.

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