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What is the impact of technology on the Solar Industry?

May 27

In the past decade, the advancements in solar technology have primarily focused on designing and developing the panels, while the industry sought ways to make panels more efficient, and more affordable and also improve their appearance to make them more attractive to buyers. But, even though solar panels appear to be reaching a bit of an aesthetic and performance plateau with the most significant advancements in the near future, which are more than two years from now, Advosy Energy solar is continuing to witness a variety of technological advances that are transforming the solar industry. The advancements in solar energy storage could be more crucial in the next decade. Contact solar panels in New Mexico for more details.

Smart Technology

Storage of solar energy in batteries was once a necessity for a large amount of dedicated space and an adequate amount of oversight on the part of the system owner, but that's no longer the case. The new self-contained, wall-mounted battery storage systems like the Tesla Powerwall and the Enphase IQ Battery have revolutionized the game of energy storage. Smart battery solutions that incorporate sensors are now able to detect outages and then distribute power to at the time you require it. And they're recharged daily by the solar system in order to ensure you're always powered up.


Expansion and growth

Systems such as the Enphase Smart Batteries as well as the Tesla Powerwall are self-contained and require minimal to no maintenance once they're installed. They are also easily extended as your needs change. This flexibility is a huge advantage for anyone thinking of the possibility of adding electricity to your business or home regardless of whether it's an addition, remodel, or purchasing electric vehicles.

Compatible with EVs

While gas prices in the U.S. fluctuate, more and more people are looking toward replacing their current vehicle(s) with an electric vehicle. If you are a business or homeowner who has self-contained, easily expandable battery storage, the addition of an electric vehicle charging station is a straightforward proposition. You need to call here solar service providers in my region for further assistance.


Why should a solar panel have two-purpose?

Certain property owners do not have the option of rooftop solar. This is due to many reasons. This includes limited sun exposure and a high number of obstacles that hinder the installation of solar panels or HOA or city regulations that restrict the installation and location of panels on a structure.


What should you consider when considering a double-duty solar panel installation?

Double-duty solar installations can be installed in an existing structure on the property, like pergolas, carports, or a pergola. For many, however, the structure is built from scratch to accommodate the installation of solar panels. In both situations, it is essential to ensure that the structure is able to support the weight of the system. You will need to ensure that the structure you choose to build is the right size for the number of panels you'd like to install and is located in a sun-lit location. If you're not sure about these concerns getting in touch with a reputable and experienced solar energy business in nm is a good solution to the majority of these questions.

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