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How long does it take to put up solar panels?

Apr 26


Net metering in Mexico is known for its solar panel installation. The state gets about 300 days of sun annually. Solar panels are the perfect home improvement for homeowners in Grand Canyon State. You can achieve 100% savings on the cost of solar panel. This renewable source of energy will also decrease the dependence on the grid of the nation. Furthermore, you can cut the carbon footprint for your home by installing solar panels installed.

How long will it take to install an solar panel? The solar panel installation process can take up to a week due to the many steps involved. You'll get a timeline for the project after your initial meetings with the solar panel manufacturer.


This article will assist you to design your project by looking at the steps and factors that are involved in setting up solar panels.

The Search for a Solar Installation Company

The first step in the process of installing solar panels is to locate the most efficient solar energy company. This is a complex procedure that requires extensive research and contact with individuals.


Arizona has numerous solar contractors that are certified and licensed. The company employs highly-trained personnel to complete solar installations. You must also choose an organization with a good name in the business. Read reviews, testimonials, and take part in interviews to learn about the company better. This can take a few weeks.


Negotiation and signature of contracts

Once you've found the best solar energy provider in your local area, begin discussions for the project. The contractor will review the ideas you have, examine your home, check the condition of your roof, draw up the solar panels setup plans and then provide a price.


Every home is unique, and the contractor gives an estimate that is based on their assessment. Different factors such as the energy requirements of your house along with the roof's type and the number of panels that are needed determine the pricing. A project contract is written by the contractor. It also includes the timeframe for the job. Negotiations as well as the home assessment could take as long as a week.


Licenses and permits

It is possible that you will require a general electric permit and a photovoltaic special permit or a construction permit. Similar to most government processes permits and licensing process could take a few weeks or even a month. The process of preparing the solar panel setup is critical in the project's timeline. Solar panel companies in New Mexico is the best option for you every step of the way.


Roof Repair or Replacement

After a thorough inspection of your roof, your contractor can recommend repairs or replacement of your roof. Roof replacement is a smart idea for older houses. Solar panels are long-lasting and can last for many years. Replacing the roof saves the homeowner a considerable amount of costs to remove solar panels later if you need a new roof. The time required to replace your roof will be dependent on how large your home is and what type of roof you've got.


Acquisition of Materials

The contractor will supply an inventory of the materials needed, including solar panels, inverter, charge control, energy storage, and wires. The list of materials required can differ between projects and the other. They are easily available in Arizona and you can purchase the entire set in one day.


Solar Panels Setup

The project begins when the contractor uses the design that you've agreed on. Installation is simple and is completed in less than a week.


Grid Connection

You must apply to your utility company to connect the grid to your solar power system. This can take up to three weeks. You should pick the top solar firms near me by comparing them to us.


Electrical Inspection Evaluation

Once the contractor has set everything up, you need an electrical professional to inspect the system. The utility company may send an inspector to check the safety and efficiency of the solar panels installed.


How to start an solar project in Arizona Total Solutions, the leading solar energy contractor in Arizona Advosy Energy, provides an in-depth schedule for the project. The technician from the company explains various aspects that could affect the completion of the project. Contact our Phoenix or Scottsdale solar experts now to start the process of switching.


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